Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Media's Manifest Bias

The Washington Post is repeatedly trumpeting details of supposedly excessive spending by the wife of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who now is a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

When, pray tell, has this statist propaganda outlet ever published anything about what Mrs. Obama's lavish vacations have cost the nation's taxpayers during her husband's tenure in the White House?

Snarling at Simple Truth

The nation's statist attack puppies are in full cry, snarling and yapping at former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for stating the obvious truth that the current occupant of the Oval Office does not love America.

All but the dimmest among us know that statement to be correct.  It has been reinforced by Mr. Obama himself repeatedly . . .  almost every time he has used his pie hole to emit some unctuous statement instead of stuffing his foot or something else into it. 

Accordingly there appeared no need or reason to discuss the matter.  The artificial uproar over Mr. Giuliani's having broken the silence makes clear that the formerly silent acceptance of the obvious had to end.  Mr. Giuliani deserves credit for having ended it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fundamental Civics Lesson

Judge administered a sorely needed human rights lesson to misguided member of one of the nation's elite statist dynasties to correct his ivy league acquired misinformation on the source of those rights, according to this report.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Brian Williams Stumble Just a Symptom of Big Media's Decline and Corruption

Brian Williams has been bounced by the Pooh-Bahs at NBC not for lying but for embarrassing them by being publicly exposed as having done so.

Mr. Williams longstanding tendency to engage in self-aggrandizing prevarications had long been obvious to all but those lacking even the most rudimentary critical thinking skills.  They certainly were known to, and called to the attention of the network brass by numerous members of his production team.  Mr. Williams had long been unqualified to report news accurately because he either was a habitual liar or delusional,

That was overlooked because he was a charming individual in whom the network had made a substantial and profitable investment.  Thus when his untruthful utterances were initially exposed, the network's bosses first reaction was to try to protect him (and their advantageous investment), and they continued to do that until the effort became unsustainable.

In the course of that effort, the head of NBC's news division publicly muttered something about the impact that Mr. Williams' conduct had on "this proud organization."

That statement must have harkened back to the glory days of Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.  It surely could not have referred to NBC today -- the network of Michael Moore and Al Sharpton as well as Brian Williams.  After all, in a trio that includes a clod-like profiteering rabble-rousing clown  and a profiteering race-hustling agitator, a mere opportunistic dissembler is but a minor transgressor. 

Anyone inclined to view the NBC-Brian Williams debacle as an isolated occurrence should recall the days when Walter Cronkite was foisted off on the public by CBS as "the most trusted man in America."  Mr. Cronkite deserves to be remembered as the individual who gloried in setting the national agendawith his "reporting."  His reporting resulted in allowing America's foes in the Viet Nam War to snatch victory from the jaws of their defeat in that conflict.  Until Mr. Cronkite persuaded his audience that the Tet Offensive was a Viet Cong victory over the U.S., the Viet Cong viewed the offensive as a disastrous defeat that left them with no alternative other than to seek peace on such terms as the U.S. might accept.  Instead, Mr. Cronkite's totally erroneous assessment led to a hunbling American retreat from a conflict that it had won at an enormous cost in blood and treasure.

The U.S. today gets almost no fair national news reporting.  The nation's big media are led and staffed by idealogues who refuse to strive for any semblance of objectivity, balance, or fairness.  They select what to cover and determine how to present their selections in accordance with their uniform views -- views of the nation's corrupt political and institutional elites.

Two Simple but Challenging Climate Change Questions

Here are two questions to pose to the (incidentally profiteering) climate change geniuses:

    1.  When in the history of our planet has its climate not been changing?

    2.  Do you really want to go back to an ice age during which a large chunks of North America were covered with glacial ice?