Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Like the U.S.

This reportedly was the winner of a contest in the Netherlands in which people were invited to create a work of art depicting the current era of multiculturalism in Europe — a depiction of their experience in the modern ‘melting pot.’

We Really Are In the Rabbit Hole

. . . and if you doubt it, read and think about this:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Approaching the End?

Something is seriously -- and very possibly terminally -- wrong with a system that limits presidential voters to a choice between two such widely (and properly) despised individuals.

Perhaps some of our purported public wise men and women -- all those vacuous talking heads, pontificating columnists, and dim bulb political analysts -- could take take a bit of time out from serving up their usual mindless establishment gruel to actually think about and examine how we got to this point. 

A good starting point might be a look at when, how, and why the nation, often with the best of intentions, subverted the measures that the founding fathers put into place to guard against the development of the excesses and conceits that have caused every democracy throughout history to destroy itself.  In contrast to our current purported leaders, the founders were thoughtful people who had a sense and understanding of history.