Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reflecting on the Accidental Sorry Footnote to History that Obama Already Has Become

Posturing and bloviating were his only talents and his constant self-centered displays of them became very tiresome as it quickly became evident that he suffered from a surfeit of unearned and undeserved self esteem and confidence.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Requiem for Hillary . . . and Why I Nixed Her

     It wasn’t just disagreeing with her fluid and ever changing political agenda and views, the buzz about Obama’s record being on the ballot, or that she:

·        Was given to recalling with humor employment of technical legal tricks in the early days of her legal career to get a young girl’s rapist acquitted by further degrading and besmirching the victim,

·        Was a foul-mouthed and unlikeable shrew,

·        Behaved rudely and with contempt toward everyone whose support she didn’t need and viewed as beneath or subservient to her, and

·        Probably was responsible for the murderous assault on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas.

Instead, it was the basic character she exhibited by using her power (whenever she had some) to treat innocent individuals with calculated cruel brutality when it suited her purposes to do so.

       For example, there was her overseeing and directing a phalanx of private eye goons who intimidated her philandering sexual predatory husband’s victims into remaining silent when their accounts might have threatened his quest for the presidency.

       Then, upon moving into the White House, she sought to disguise the actual motive for the permissible replacement of the White House travel office with political cohorts by falsely accusing the ousted individuals of having engaged in criminal activity.  After she succeeded in actually getting those people prosecuted, a jury took about two hours to find and declare them not guilty of any crime.

       Finally, there was her standing over the coffins in which the Benghazi dead were returned to the United States and cynically relating to the mourning family members the cover story that their loved ones had been killed by a mob protesting a Muslim defaming video.  She did this to further her political goals even though she was well aware that the dead had been killed in planned, prepared, and heavily armed terrorist attack.

       In short, I voted against historically installing into the oval office an individual likely to become an American female version of Caligula in exercising the powers of that office.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Insular Faux Universe

The feckless, flailing, and failing media that used to occupy the mainstream are replete with polling reports that the great orator continues to enjoy high favorability ratings as he nears the end of his tenure in the oval office.  Nobody seems to recall his having stated that the record of his presidency would be on the ballot in the election in which that record was repudiated.

Furthermore, those reports reflect findings by the same polling organizations that just weeks ago were forecasting that Mrs. Clinton was sure to win election to the very same office by a landslide – a predicted outcome that would have been viewed as an endorsement of the Obama presidency.

There is a reason that those reports and the polls on which they are based are so far off the mark.

Neither facts nor the actual opinions of ordinary citizens intrude into the impenetrable bubble that the leaders of our corrupt institutions, pollsters, and the media journalice have erected for themselves.  By making it politically and socially unacceptable to express views differing from their own, these elitists ensure that few citizens will tell pollsters anything the elitists disdain and don’t want to hear.  Thus, the bubble is like a hall of mirrors with only internally generated politically correct voices and images bouncing around, constantly feeding back and reinforcing the views of the bubble’s occupants. With their smug self esteem and confidence, they fully deserve one another in the insular faux universe of their own creation.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Remembering Pearl Harbor and a Far Better America

 An excellent very moving remembrance of the notable but now scarcely marked Pearl Harbor attack was published by the online City Journal on December 2.  The essay, by City Journal's managing editor, Paul Beston, can be accessed at:


To me, the notable thing about the essay is  the clear and dismaying contrast it portrays  of the America that experienced and responded to the Pearl Harbor attack and the one  we currently inhabit.  I view the following excerpt from the piece as particularly significant, chilling, and sad:

After 9/11, plans got underway nearly immediately for a memorial, and commemoration ceremonies have been held on every anniversary. By contrast, in the years immediately after Pearl Harbor, while the date was noted and some ceremonies conducted, winning the war took precedence. In 1943, FDR made this clear when he vetoed a bill declaring December 7 Armed Services Honor Day. In a message to Congress, he explained why: "Dec. 7, two years ago, is a day that is remembered in this country as one of infamy on the part of a treacherous enemy. The day itself requires no reminder, and its anniversary should rather serve to cause all the people of the nation to increase their efforts contributing to the successful prosecution of the war."