Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Insular Faux Universe

The feckless, flailing, and failing media that used to occupy the mainstream are replete with polling reports that the great orator continues to enjoy high favorability ratings as he nears the end of his tenure in the oval office.  Nobody seems to recall his having stated that the record of his presidency would be on the ballot in the election in which that record was repudiated.

Furthermore, those reports reflect findings by the same polling organizations that just weeks ago were forecasting that Mrs. Clinton was sure to win election to the very same office by a landslide – a predicted outcome that would have been viewed as an endorsement of the Obama presidency.

There is a reason that those reports and the polls on which they are based are so far off the mark.

Neither facts nor the actual opinions of ordinary citizens intrude into the impenetrable bubble that the leaders of our corrupt institutions, pollsters, and the media journalice have erected for themselves.  By making it politically and socially unacceptable to express views differing from their own, these elitists ensure that few citizens will tell pollsters anything the elitists disdain and don’t want to hear.  Thus, the bubble is like a hall of mirrors with only internally generated politically correct voices and images bouncing around, constantly feeding back and reinforcing the views of the bubble’s occupants. With their smug self esteem and confidence, they fully deserve one another in the insular faux universe of their own creation.

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