Monday, December 26, 2016

Requiem for Hillary . . . and Why I Nixed Her

     It wasn’t just disagreeing with her fluid and ever changing political agenda and views, the buzz about Obama’s record being on the ballot, or that she:

·        Was given to recalling with humor employment of technical legal tricks in the early days of her legal career to get a young girl’s rapist acquitted by further degrading and besmirching the victim,

·        Was a foul-mouthed and unlikeable shrew,

·        Behaved rudely and with contempt toward everyone whose support she didn’t need and viewed as beneath or subservient to her, and

·        Probably was responsible for the murderous assault on the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas.

Instead, it was the basic character she exhibited by using her power (whenever she had some) to treat innocent individuals with calculated cruel brutality when it suited her purposes to do so.

       For example, there was her overseeing and directing a phalanx of private eye goons who intimidated her philandering sexual predatory husband’s victims into remaining silent when their accounts might have threatened his quest for the presidency.

       Then, upon moving into the White House, she sought to disguise the actual motive for the permissible replacement of the White House travel office with political cohorts by falsely accusing the ousted individuals of having engaged in criminal activity.  After she succeeded in actually getting those people prosecuted, a jury took about two hours to find and declare them not guilty of any crime.

       Finally, there was her standing over the coffins in which the Benghazi dead were returned to the United States and cynically relating to the mourning family members the cover story that their loved ones had been killed by a mob protesting a Muslim defaming video.  She did this to further her political goals even though she was well aware that the dead had been killed in planned, prepared, and heavily armed terrorist attack.

       In short, I voted against historically installing into the oval office an individual likely to become an American female version of Caligula in exercising the powers of that office.

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