Sunday, August 21, 2016

For Trump With Enthusiasm

My initial hesitation about Mr. Trump's candidacy for the presidency was due to my failure to ignore the lame stream press and its journalice that, in lockstep with our corrupt ruling class (including the Demorats and the Clinton Crime Family), spew out caricatures rather then the genuine Donald Trump.  Instead of reporting his actual words, they present what they would like people to believe he meant. 

For a look behind behind the curtain on which the elites are screening false images that comprise a derogatory portrayal of the real candidate for whom I will be voting with enthusiasm, take a look at this report.  It quotes and relies on actual statements by the candidate. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prelude to Race War?

Before western societies became too squeamish to put down riots effectively, rioters were treated as wild beasts and shot down in the streets.  Unless and until we return to doing that or engaging in some similar and equally effective method of putting an end to urban riots, our perpetually aggrieved and disgruntled  mad dogs will use any pretext to continue and expand their uncivilized and destructive activities . . . to the point that a real race war will be the only alternative to the destruction of civilized life.

For a look at how and why the situation in Wisconsin's largest city has been spiraling out of control and what it portends, take a gander at this essay.

After doing so, one would do well to remember that civilization as we know it really is a very recent development.  It is not mankind's historic norm.  It instead is a thin and fragile veneer that suppresses the barbaric and chaotic conditions in which human beings led nasty, brutish, and short lives throughout a vast majority of the time that homo sapiens have existed on our planet.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On the Latest Hilarious E-Mail Revelations

Just business as usual for the Clinton Crime Family under the protection of the Department of Just Us. Now the U.S. is on the verge of being taken over by, and becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Corruption, Inc., which does business under the fictitious Clinton Foundation business name. It has the U.S. Department of Just Us as an in-house legal department with FBI agents operating as its foot soldiers under the direction of Capo James Comey.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Looming Calamity

Nothing can be more dangerous for us than having either of the two completely unsuitable, unqualified, unscrupulous, and unsavory major political party candidates in the nation's highest and most powerful office. Everything else is insignificant background chatter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dreaming the Impossible Dream

A wonderful fairy tale full of fanciful anecdotes about his wife was spun out to be consumed by and sway the public last night by the perjurer-in-chief, who still is confident that he can charm us into believing anything he utters. 

"Who is Donald Trump?" The better question may be "What is Donald Trump?"

The answer? A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment. 

Some Trump supporters are like the 60s white girls who dated black guys just to annoy their parents.  But most Trump supporters have simply had it with the Demo-socialists and the "Republicans In Name Only."  They know there isn't a dime's worth of difference between Hillary Rodham and Jeb Bush, and only a few cents worth between Rodham and the other GOP candidates. 

Ben Carson is not an "establishment" candidate, but the Clinton machine would pulverize Carson ; and the somewhat rebellious Ted Cruz will (justifiably so) be tied up with natural born citizen lawsuits (as might Marco Rubio).  The Trump supporters figure they may as well have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails at Wall Street and Georgetown while they watch the nation collapse.  Besides - lightning might strike, Trump might get elected, and he might actually fix a few things.  Stranger things have happened (the nation elected an[islamo-]Marxist in 2008 and Bruce Jenner now wears designer dresses.)

Millions of conservatives are justifiably furious.  They gave the Republicans control of the House in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014, and have seen them govern no differently than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Yet those same voters are supposed to trust the GOP in 2016?  Why?

Trump did not come from out of nowhere.  His candidacy was created by the last six years of Republican failures.

No reasonable person can believe that any of the establishment candidates [dems or reps] will slash federal spending, rein in the Federal Reserve, cut burdensome business regulations, reform the tax code, or eliminate useless federal departments (the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, etc.).  Even Ronald Reagan was unable to eliminate the Department of Education.  (Of course, getting shot at tends to make a person less of a risk-taker.)  No reasonable person can believe that any of the nation's major problems will be solved by Rodham, Bush, and the other dishers of donkey fazoo now eagerly eating corn in Iowa and pancakes in New Hampshire .
Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
·     Anyone named Bush
·     Anyone named Clinton
·     Anyone who's held political office
·     Political correctness
·     Illegal immigration
·     Massive unemployment
·     Phony "official" unemployment and inflation figures
·     Welfare waste and fraud
·     People faking disabilities to go on the dole
·     VA waiting lists
·     TSA airport groping
·     ObamaCare
·     The Federal Reserve's money-printing schemes
·     Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
·     Michelle Obama's vacations
·     Michelle Obama's food police
·     Barack Obama's golf
·     Barack Obama's arrogant and condescending lectures
·     Barack Obama's criticism/hatred of America
·     Valerie Jarrett
·     Holiday trees"
·     Hollywood hypocrites
·     Global warming nonsense
·     Cop killers
·     Gun confiscation threats
·     Stagnant wages
·     Boys in girls' bathrooms
·     Whiny, spoiled college students who can't even place the Civil War in the correct century

... and that's just the short list.

Trump supporters believe that no Democrat wants to address these issues, and that few Republicans have the courage to address these issues.  They certainly know that none of the establishment candidates are better than barely listening to them, and Trump is their way of saying, "Screw you, Hillary Rodham Rove Bush!"  The more the talking head political pundits insult the Trump supporters, the more supporters he gains.  (The only pundits who seem to understand what is going on are Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell and Republican John LeBoutillier.  All the others argue that the voters will eventually "come to their senses" and support an establishment candidate.)

But America does not need a tune-up at the same old garage.  It needs a new engine installed by experts - and neither Rodham nor Bush are mechanics with the skills or experience to install it.  Hillary Rodham is not a mechanic; she merely manages a garage her philandering husband abandoned.  Jeb Bush is not a mechanic; he merely inherited a garage.  Granted, Trump is also not a mechanic, but he knows where to find the best ones to work in his garage.  He won't hire his brother-in-law or someone to whom he owes a favor; he will hire someone who lives and breathes cars.

"How dare they revolt!" the "elites" are bellowing.  Well, the citizens are daring to revolt, and the RINOs had better get used to it.  "But Trump will hand the election to Clinton !"  That is what the Karl Rove-types want people to believe, just as the leftist media eagerly shoved "Maverick" McCain down GOP throats in 2008 - knowing he would lose to Obama.  But even if Trump loses and Rodham wins, she would not be dramatically different than Bush or most of his fellow candidates.  They would be nothing more than caretakers, not working to restore America 's greatness but merely presiding over the collapse of a massively in-debt nation.  A nation can perhaps survive open borders; a nation can perhaps survive a generous welfare system.  But no nation can survive both - and there is little evidence that the establishment candidates of either party understand that.  The United States cannot forever continue on the path it is on.  At some point it will be destroyed by its debt.
Yes, Trump speaks like a bull wander[ing] through a china shop, but the truth is that the borders do need to be sealed; we cannot afford to feed, house, and clothe 200,000 Syrian immigrants for decades (even if we get inordinately lucky and none of them are ISIS infiltrators or Syed Farook wannabes); the world is at war with radical Islamists; all the world's glaciers are not melting; and Rosie O'Donnell is a fat pig. 

Is Trump the perfect candidate?  Of course not.  Neither was Ronald Reagan.  But unless we close our borders and restrict immigration, all the other issues are irrelevant.  One terrorist blowing up a bridge or a tunnel could kill thousands.  One jihadist poisoning a city's water supply could kill tens of thousands.  One electromagnetic pulse attack from a single Iranian nuclear device could kill tens of millions.  Faced with those possibilities, most Americans probably don't care that Trump relied on eminent domain to grab up a final quarter acre of property for a hotel, or that he boils the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs running the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  While Attorney General Loretta Lynch's greatest fear is someone giving a Muslim a dirty look, most Americans are more worried about being gunned down at a shopping mall by a crazed [islamic] lunatic who treats his prayer mat better than his three wives and who thinks 72 virgins are waiting for him in paradise.

The establishment is frightened to death that Trump will win, but not because they believe he will harm the nation.  They are afraid he will upset their taxpayer-subsidized apple carts.  While Obama threatens to veto legislation that spends too little, they worry that Trump will veto legislation that spends too much.
You can be certain that if an establishment candidate wins in November 2016 … [their] cabinet positions will be filled with the same people we've seen before.  The washed-up has-beens of the Clinton and Bush administrations will be back in charge.  The hacks from Goldman Sachs will continue to call the shots.  Whether it is Bush's Karl Rove or Clinton 's John Podesta, who makes the decisions in the White House will matter little.  

If the establishment wins, America loses.

. . . cribbed from an incoming e-Mail

Feared and Censored

Hillary Clinton is disliked by The Wall Street Journal but Donald Trump apparently terrifies it to the point that it censors and refuses to publish comments about its essays regarding the coming election such as the following:

There is something terribly -- and quite possibly terminally -- wrong with a political system in which citizens are limited to choosing which of two unsuitable, unqualified, and reprehensible major party candidates will fill and exercise the powers of the nation's highest office.

This sordid situation proves two things -- the wisdom of the republic's founders in endeavoring to guard against its degeneration into a democracy and the accuracy of the adage that scum inevitably rises to the top of every rain barrel.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Ulimate Absurdity

Is there any better example of an unlimited government than one that involves itself in, and makes a federal case of where anyone can go to the bathroom?


Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Like the U.S.

This reportedly was the winner of a contest in the Netherlands in which people were invited to create a work of art depicting the current era of multiculturalism in Europe — a depiction of their experience in the modern ‘melting pot.’

We Really Are In the Rabbit Hole

. . . and if you doubt it, read and think about this:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Approaching the End?

Something is seriously -- and very possibly terminally -- wrong with a system that limits presidential voters to a choice between two such widely (and properly) despised individuals.

Perhaps some of our purported public wise men and women -- all those vacuous talking heads, pontificating columnists, and dim bulb political analysts -- could take take a bit of time out from serving up their usual mindless establishment gruel to actually think about and examine how we got to this point. 

A good starting point might be a look at when, how, and why the nation, often with the best of intentions, subverted the measures that the founding fathers put into place to guard against the development of the excesses and conceits that have caused every democracy throughout history to destroy itself.  In contrast to our current purported leaders, the founders were thoughtful people who had a sense and understanding of history. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Why Trump?

First, Al Sharpton reportedly has promised to leave the country if Trump is elected president.  That alone is a good reason to support Mr. Trump's candidacy.

Then there are these three persuasive reasons:

Finally, and most important of all, is the fact that his election would stick it the political class and its supporters -- all our arrogant, sanctimonious, and overbearing career politicians, bureaucrats, big media journalice, as well as the denizens of our elite academic, business, and financial institutions -- all of whom are working very hard to subvert the Constitution, to rule every aspect of our lives, and to limit what it is permissible for us to think and say.  Trump is popular not because he is right about everything but because people finally recognize that to be free they must overthrow the nation's overlords.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

What a Difference a Decade Makes

10 years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, 
Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash.

Now the USA has no Jobs, no Hope, 
and no Cash.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obviously a Scandanavian Lutheran

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez 
identified as gunman in 
Chattanooga shootings

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How We Are Ruled

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less." 

"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." 

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master - - that's all." 

In his determination to uphold Obamacare at all costs -- even if it meant abandoning the rule of law -- the chief shyster of the United States resorted to imitating Humpty Dumpty's role in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass for the above-quoted 'legal precedent.'

In another incongruity, the trickster who wrote the fanciful Obamacare decision  subsequently had the gall to accuse some of his colleagues of resorting to a "magic trick" in reaching a decision with which he disagreed.

What we have is a cynical decision that establishes rule by raw political power.  The decision is neither lawful nor logical. It is based on a plain and simple lie -- that the word State in "established by the State" is ambiguous and requires interpretation.  The irrational and arbitrary machinations are those of shysters who have forfeited all claims to legitimacy, respect, and obedience.

The creepy thing about this is that the clowns running the show expect the American public that used to consist of steadfast and bold individuals to quietly accept such antics . . . and the fact that their assumption appears to be correct is even creepier.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Job Opening

Wanted in Saudi Arabia: Executioners

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Job seekers in Saudi Arabia who have a strong constitution and endorse strict Islamic law might consider new opportunities carrying out public beheadings and amputating the hands of convicted thieves.

The eight positions, as advertised on the website of the Ministry of Civil Service, require no specific skills or educational background for “carrying out the death sentence according to Islamic Shariah after it is ordered by a legal ruling.” But given the grisly nature of the job, a scarcity of qualified swordsmen in some regions of the country and a rise in the frequency of executions, candidates might face a heavy workload.

Excerpt from today's online
 New York Times edition


More on Highly Important Book

Irrespective of whether one agrees with the politics or proposals of Charles Murray, his new book, By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission, contains indisputable data about the degraded and corrupt state of the U.S. today and a cogent analysis of how and why we have reached this point and the reasons that our divisive and poisonously polarized legal and political processes cannot bring about a recovery from it.

Strongly recommend that everyone read this book no matter where they stand politically.  Cannot overstate that recommendation.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Highly Recommended Book

Individuals who appreciate liberty, want to understand its erosion, and are interested in a possible strategy for restoring it, should read Charles Murray’s book, By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ex Presidents Then and Now

When Harry Truman left the White House in 1953 he was far from secure financially.  Nevertheless, he rebuffed numerous lucrative speaking and corporate directorship offers, reportedly by saying:

You don't want me.  You want the office of the president, and that doesn't belong to me.  It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale.

Whether he ever used those exact words is debatable but he did express the sentiment in his 1960 book, Mr. Citizen:

I turned down all of those offers.  I knew that they were not interested in hiring Harry Truman, the person, but what they wanted to hire was the former President of the United States.  I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable, that would commercialize on the prestige and the dignity of the office of the Presidency.

While comparing that example to the one currently being presented by Pay-the-Bill(s) Clinton, it should be noted that when Mr. Truman declined the numerous lucrative proposals that were presented to him he was under considerable financial pressures.  He left the presidency before any adequate pension was provided to former holders of the office.