Monday, October 10, 2016

How the Clintons and Trump Differ

Let’s be clear about what’s going on in the political arena that has those who assume a right to rule there in high dudgeon with their knickers in a bunch.   

It has become known that the often boorishly offensive Donald Trump some years ago engaged in some sadly too common macho locker room talk that was ugly, vulgar, and lewd.

But he did no one any harm.

That is far different and less significant than what for years was done by the accused rapist and serial philanderer that Hillary Clinton spent years enabling.  Her spouse did real physical, mental, and emotional harm to numerous female victims. Mrs. Clinton routinely followed up on his doing so by quelling what the Clinton crowd referred to as “bimbo eruptions.”  She did that – often with the assistance of thuggish private eye goons that she hired and supervised -- by intimidating her hubby’s victims into remaining silent, thus egregiously re-inflicting, renewing, and exacerbating the injuries initially cause by her spouse.

Why are members of those who presume a right to rule and their supporters silent about that?

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