Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Congressional Scum Sink Even Lower In Their Own Exclusive Swamp of Hypocrisy

By exempting themselves together with their cohorts and minions from the burdensome laws they are inflicting on the rest of the nation's citizens, the slugs to whom we have entrusted high offices are violating America's founding principles and dangerously enlarging the gulf between the people and what used to be thought of as their government.

Take a look at the analysis of the breathtaking hypocrisy of the political elite's latest stealthy ploy in this excellent essay.  Still more examples of self-dealing by the political class at the expense of the electorate are set forth in this roundup of skulduggery

Hard Truth: Defenseless Sheeple Destined for Slaughter

At a press conference last week, officials from the DCPD bragged about their swift "response time" to the previous Monday's Naval Yard shooting.  Collectively, they don't think they could have done any better.

The scary part is, they're probably right!

Two minutes to get armed officers to the gate.  Another five to seven minutes to locate and engage the active murderer.  Another thirty minutes,  with a lot of rounds exchanged, to neutralize the (in this case) single  suspect.

So, if this is the "ideal" (their words) response, we can reasonably expect  no relief, even in the most dire of circumstances, for at least forty minutes!

We really are "on our own," and for a hell of a long  time!

I've talked about VBCs (Victims by Choice) and VVs (Voluntarily  Victims).  These are naive, vain, liberal air-heads who piously profess  that they would rather see their families and themselves maimed and/or murdered  by violent criminals than take any effective action to defend themselves.   Their choice, and I have scant sympathy for them.

But, those at the Naval Yard were/are VBPs (Victims by Policy)!  It is  the official policy of cynical administrators to convert those for whom they are  responsible into unarmed, defenseless "targets," to be nonchalantly maimed and  murdered by armed and violent criminals.  They do it knowingly. They don't  care, and never will.

More recently, we've see similar massacres of the defenseless in Kenya and Pakistan, this time non-Moslems were specifically selected for wanton slaughter.

Since we all can obviously expect no meaningful protection, nor even empathy, from governments, bureaucrats, and others up the food chain who are supposed to care, but obviously don't, we need to re-confirm in our own minds that we are on our own, that no one is going to rescue us, and that we are cynically regarded as expendable/replaceable by politicians who themselves enjoy  elaborate personal protection, provided of course by taxpayer dollars.

As the holiday season approaches, shopping malls, schools, churches, military bases, and other places where large crowds of the unarmed can be found, will be eyed as targets by terrorists.  Places like NY, NJ, CA, et al, where the vast majority of citizens are not routinely armed (by policy!), are particularly vulnerable.  Other states, where many of us regularly go armed, will be considered by terrorists as less eligible.

Either way, we have to function as our own "bodyguards," as the government,  while providing veritable armies of them for themselves, won't be providing any  for us.

Alert, nimble, suspicions, always armed, always with an escape plan, always prepared to fight boldly when necessary.  This is what ever separates the live professional from the dead amateur!

When the Test comes, it will come swiftly and without mercy.

. . . From John S. Farnam
Defense Training International

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Benghazi In a Nutshell

Chris Stevens, Sean Smith:  Victims.        

Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods:  Heroes. 

The media will NEVER learn the difference between these two categories . . . but we know.  

Obama, Clinton, Rice:  LIARS, one and all. 
First thoughts on learning of the incident: 

"How can I cover my ass"?


For an Honest Conversation About Race

No conversation about America's race problems can be both honest and politically correct.  That's why neither profiteering race hustlers like the reverends Jess Jackson and Al Sharpton nor their appeasing opportunistic political charlatans like Barack Obama and Eric Holder keep saying they want an open discussion of the subject while actually standing in the way of it.

For a frank and realistic contribution to getting past prevailing social taboos against even acknowledging real world facts that contribute to America's existing and growing racial divisions, take a look at at this post on a kindred blog.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

. . . and Now, Suddenly, Global Cooling (Once Again) Is the Problem

Can you imagine how confounded AGore and his fellow global warming charlatans and fanatics must be at having to reverse course in light of this development?

Nature just won't heed or cooperate with all those creeps.  It is ever changing in cycles beyond the control or, currently, even the understanding of humankind. 

Were the exploiting alarmist and profiteers capable of shame, one might sympathize with their repetitive public embarrassments and humiliations. 

Jay Leno Gets It Right on Syria . . . Funny but Sad for the Nation

The White House has a new slogan: "Hope and let the Russians fix it."

Last night President Obama spoke to the nation about Syria. Hopefully, Americans who were confused about the president's plan feel better now, knowing that he's confused too.

Well, it was confusing, wasn't it? First, President Obama laid out his reasoning for a strike against Syria. And then he gave the rebuttal.

John Kerry has insisted that any military strike on Syria will be "unbelievably small."  But not as small as the SUPPORT for a strike on Syria.

Gauging Obama's Syrian Debacle

The community organizer's humiliating pratfall has very serious unfortunate consequences for the United States and the rest of what used to be referred to as the free world.  A realistic (though far from complete) assessment of the damage caused by the amateurish president has been published by the slavishly liberal Washington Post in this column.  For an even better and more comprehensive analysis go here and click on the 9/13/13 post entitled The World Is a Tough Town.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Worth Noting

For the reasons set forth in this blog's September 6 Come Clean . . . post, your not-even-slightly-humble blogger is not interested in anything the nation's poseur-in-chief has to say.  Therefore I did not listen to his speech last night and instead spent the time in a more rewarding way -- with and listening to a far more erudite, interesting, and honest 5-year-old grandchild.

Today, however, some of the follow-on reports on the latest words emitted by the golden-voiced orator have been worth noting.  Of particular interest was the recasting of the speech as an honest one, as set forth, surprisingly, in the Washington Post in this column.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Any Real American President Would Be Embarrassed by This One's Syrian Pratfall

President Obama woke up Monday facing a Congressional defeat that many in both parties believed could hobble his presidency.  And by the end of the day, he found himself in the odd position of relying on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, of all people, to bail him out.
. . . New York Times news report

Putin emerges as powerful and statesmanlike; Obama as an inept and clownish caricature of a leader of a supposedly great but currently ridiculous nation.

It could hardly be more humiliating for the community organizer in chief and the U.S. ! ! ! ! 

Genuine Red Lines

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quadruple Standard ? ? ? ?

. . . and what about the U.S. government gassing its own citizens -- men, women, and children -- in its murderous attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Astute Comic’s Serious and Accurate Depiction of Nation's Current Politics

Republican leaders have agreed to support President Obama's plan to attack Syria. See, that’s what I love about our country. The only time Republicans and Democrats can agree on something is when it’s time to bomb somebody.

If President Obama really wants to hurt the Syrian government, don’t send cruise missiles. He should send over some of his economic advisers.

Did you see Vladimir Putin and President Obama shake hands today? They said something to each other. Of course, we don’t know what they said, nobody does — except the NSA, the KGB, and Edward Snowden.

. . . Jay Leno

Come Clean First -- Then We Might, Perhaps, Listen a Wee Bit

Nothing that Obama may say about Syria or anything else will be considered credible, worthy of consideration, or even deserving of the slightest attention at least unless and until his administration comes clean with complete and truthful answers to all of the many outstanding questions about Benghazi, politicization of the IRS, and surveillance and spying on citizens by the nation's intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Lost Freedoms: Remembering and Lamenting

Ten things you could do in 1975 you can’t do today because America is much less free:

1. You could buy an airline ticket and fly without ever showing an ID.

2. You could buy cough syrup without showing an ID.

3. You could buy and sell gold coins without showing an ID.

4. You could buy a gun without showing an ID.

5. You could pull as much cash out of your bank account without the bank filing a report with the government.

6. You could get a job without having to prove you were an American.

7. You could buy cigarettes without showing an ID.

8. You could have a phone conversation without the government knowing who you called and who called you.

9. You could open a stock brokerage account without having to explain where the money came from.

10. You could open a Swiss bank account with ease. All Swiss banks were willing and happy to open accounts for Americans.

There are thousands of other examples. The monitoring is in place; all that is required from here is the clampdown.

The differences, between now and 1975 in the business sector are even more prevalent. In recent years, in industry after industry regulations and prohibitions have been poured on top of free markets. It doesn’t look like things will get any better in years to come. Eventually, the economy will suffocate and collapse, if this continues.

I would add some more to the list:

11. In California, you could smoke in a bar.

12. In Michigan, where I lived then, you could buy alcohol at age 18.

13. You could buy a “gas guzzler” car, like the classic 1976 Buick 225.

14. If you were a child, you could play soldier, or cops and robbers, or cowboys and Indians with real looking plastic guns — instead of the ugly, bright-colored ones mandated today.

15. You could be politically incorrect.

16. You could attend a public school that didn’t look like, and operate like, a prison.

17. You could go to a pro baseball game and get an actual bat on “Bat Day.”

18. You could be an energetic boy without getting pumped full of Ritalin.

19. You could blast off an Estes model rocket in any vacant lot, especially a school’s.
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