Thursday, September 5, 2013

Olympian Ego, Subterranean Credibility

America's foremost community organizer now claims that, notwithstanding what we repeatedly heard hims say, he wasn't the one who set the use-of-chemical-weapons red line for Syria's regime.  No indeed, the Messianic Barack Obama currently is out there claiming that it was the world that set the now embarrassingly infamous red line.

So Obama now thinks -- or least is claiming -- that he speaks for the whole world?  If the claim had any element of truth, one would expect some prominent allies to act in concert with the U.S. in the proposed aggressive action against Syria.

In any event though, unless Mr. Obama is sufficiently delusional to actually believe that his uttering something makes it true, his incredible statement is just a pathetic effort to vote "present" on whether to launch a military attack against Syria . . . another attempt to avoid responsibility for anything.

The first such effort on his proposed Syrian adventure was his taking a duck on the question by submitting it to Congress.  

Who knows what he really wants Congress to do?

The proposal he submitted to Congress would have authorized him to order our military to do anything he wanted with respect to Syria and not just the limited actions he has said and continues to say is all that he intends.  As he certainly knew would be the case, Congress now is considering only a far more limited measure.

In any event, Congress, and not the nation's golden-voiced orator, will be responsibility for inaction, if the Congress fails to authorize the use of military force, or any failure or shortcoming achieved as a result of whatever limited action ultimately is authorized. 

Is there any doubt that if action is authorized, taken, and achieves success -- whatever that may be -- that the stalwart commander-in-chief suddenly will appear, coming forward to claim credit?  

Meanwhile, the prominent pendency of the Syrian issue furthers the Obama administration's interests by serving as a distraction from all the scandals that it has tried to slough off as "phony" -- use of the IRS as a political weapon, the surveillance of and spying on American citizens by the nation's intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the continued mislabeling as "workplace violence" of the multiple terrorist murders at Fort Hood by the radical Muslim major, and the ongoing coverup and lying about the Benghazi travesty.

The cruelest lies with respect to the last of the above-listed examples were the promises to families of the Benghazi murder victims that the producer of the video on which the administration falsely blamed the attack would be brought to justice.  In just the last several days it has become indisputably clear that the administration knew within minutes of the initial shots being fired that Benghazi onslaught was not a spontaneous reaction to any video but an organized terrorist attack.  

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