Friday, April 4, 2008

A Modest Proposal for Putting Down the Deficit . . . and Those Responsible for Them

To eliminate the deficit, all we have to do is increase revenues and cut spending, and we can do both of these things by instituting a national lottery.

The one I propose would sell lots of tickets and we would have a drawing to pick one winner every day.

The winner would get to (i) select a member of Congress, and (ii) a tall building from which that member would be hurled. Perhaps even more money could be raised by selling tickets to the hurlings.

In any event, I think ticket sales would be brisk, which would take care of the revenue end. And even though Congress is full of really dim bulbs, even they probably would see the wisdom of removing themselves from the selection pool well before 535 days had passed. With nobody in Congress -- which in itself would be preferable to what we currently have there -- spending would not be just cut but eliminated altogether.


Anonymous said...

Great idea but it won't work because our congressional clowns have so little substance that they won't fall when hurled. They will simply float off into the ether. Come to think of it though, it's worth a try as either way, whichever way they go, we'll be rid of them.

runamuck said...

I guess the best we can hope for is that if as anonymous suggests they float off into the ether, they are gobbled up by the green house gass emissions.