Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our "Kick Me" Invitation

How have the sorry collection of slugs who comprise our political class managed to transform America into the land of the servile and the home of the cowed?

Why are we letting these time serving parasitic feeders at the public trough pin big "Kick Me, Gouge Me" signs prominently on our backs?

That's what we are displaying because we permit our "leaders" to continue to block development of domestic sources of energy while we pay up big time for gasoline and other sources of energy.

Enabling our energy producers to explore for, and extract our own oil deposits immediately would send an emphatic message to our foreign oil suppliers that the monopoly they have been enjoying that enables them to charge whatever they wish for their oil is coming to an end. Opening the way for domestic oil exploration and development quickly would reverse the upward spiral in the price of oil we have been suffering.

However, instead of gathering at the castle gates with pitchforks and torches (along with a good supply of tar and feathers), Americans today are docile. They accept being forced to wear the big "Kick Me, Gouge Me" signs their elected representatives have foisted on them.

My U.S. senators and congressional representative refuse to respond to inquires I've repeatedly posed to them about what price gasoline will have to reach before they will relent and drop their opposition to the exploration for, and development of domestic petroleum All I get in return is meaningless blather about their:

* Anger and hostility toward, and desire to impose higher taxes on, or otherwise punish our oil companies. That's really productive isn't it? How is that supposed to produce more oil?

* Support for pie-in-the sky hopes for developing alternate sources of energy. Remember these are the folks who brought us the water poisoning MTBE fiasco and the counter productive ethanol disaster. Now they're for geothermal power, solar power, wind power (provided no windmill is visible from any of their posh enclaves). Ignore the fact that none of these dreams have a prayer of ever providing portable power. Even for use at fixed locations, these possible sources are only hopes and dreams and they will be realized, if at all, only in the far distant future.

* Opposition to any and all sources of energy that actually exist. They're opposed not only to extracting and using our own oil, but also to nuclear power, coal burning power plants, any modernization or expansion of existing oil refineries or construction of any new ones, etc., -- anything that currently is actually possible.

* Willingness to have us continue paying whatever foreign suppliers hostile to the U.S. demand for the oil necessary for our economy and way of life. No matter that these suppliers use the dollars we pay them to fund a broad array of anti American activities.

What can one conclude from all this?

My conclusion is that a majority of our elected officials are dangerously stupid, dangerously demented, and/or dangerously evil. The last two categories include those who (i) are environmental Luddites and socialists who actually want to bring our economy down, and (ii) herd those in the first category (along with the rest of us) around like sheep.

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