Monday, June 2, 2008

Erecting U.S. Version of Berlin Wall to Enslave the Productive

It hasn't received a lot of attention but our rulers (a.k.a. the inside-the-beltway tax consuming parasites) are getting ready to build a wall. Not one to keep illegal immigrants out but one to function as did the Berlin Wall that the East German communists put up to keep their subjects from escaping their rule.

The U.S. version that Congress is fashioning for well to do Americans actually is more closely patterned after the one that the Nazis put in place for German Jews in the early 1930s. Well off Americans will be permitted to depart from the country just as Jews initially were permitted to leave Nazi Germany. The wall in Germany was, and the U.S. version will be a financial one -- the price of departing was and is to be essentially all of the assets of citizens wishing to leave.

Jews wishing to flee Germany had to leave all of their assets behind.

Under the U.S. version on which Congress is working, well to do Americans will be free to emigrate but virtually all of their assets will be forfeited to the IRS if they choose to do so. It appears that we need to keep the most productive among us filling the public trough one way or another.


Anonymous said...

Mentioned this to a rich friend the other day and he responded by telling me that anyone with any brains has long ago stashed significant assets overseas, out of reach of our ravenous government, increasingly desperate politicians, and their grasping bureaucratic minions.

Chesna said...

Well written article.