Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wouldn't It Be Interesting?

What if large numbers of Americans next April claimed to be unable to file income tax returns or pay any income taxes?  

What if they instead sent apologetic letters to the IRS explaining that they could not complete a return or calculate what, if any, taxes they owed because the information necessary to do that had been stored on, but disappeared from their computers . . . and furthermore the information could not be recovered because their hard drives had been destroyed and recycled?  In addition,  the information could not be retrieved from its half-dozen original sources because, lo and behold, each of the sources' computers coincidentally had be wiped out by similar catastrophic malfunctions.

The smashed hard drives could be submitted with the letter, which also might include an invitation for the IRS to attempt to recover the data.

This would have the potential for bringing down the entire rotting and corrupt structure that the American government has become.

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