Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Above-the-Law Judges Beneath Contempt

A panel of federal appeals court judges has again ruled that they and their fellow black robe wearers are above the law.  They have anointed themselves as a unique special class exempt from any legal consequences irrespective of how unlawful and reprehensible their official conduct or the harm it inflicts on less favored individuals.

A report on the most recent example of this self-serving  decision and some of its horrific precedents can be found here.

The argument for the exemption from accountability is that judges must be free to act as they deem best without having to fear any personal consequences.  That would be a fair socially benefit argument had the courts not eliminated similar exemptions from liability from others who in their professional capacities act for the benefit of society.

Consider as examples soldiers in combat, law enforcement officers, and physicians and surgeons.  In fact, individuals serving in those capacities have a better case for exemptions from personal legal liability for any transgressions.  Unlike judges, they have to decide how to act, and to implement their decisions on the spur of the moment and on the basis of incomplete and inaccurate information while under great stress in life-or-death situations.

Judges on the other hand have the luxurious benefit of being able to study, reflect on and consider, and decide on matters before them when they choose to do so. Furthermore, the judicial process gives them the obligation and power to demand that they be presented with accurate and complete information before making a decision.   

Bottom line is that the black robed folks are called honorable but they are not.  They make rules for lesser mortals but when it comes to themselves JUSTICE MEANS JUST US!

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