Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Indefensible Defense Policy

Fellow codgers will recall how President Reagan expressly declined to rule out any measures that the U.S. might take were it or any of its allies or interests attacked. We suffered few attacks because our adversaries had to take into account the possibility of a devastating and ruinous reaction by the U.S. The ambiguity about how we might retaliate for any hostile acts served the country well.

The nation's current president now is spelling out for both friends and enemies what actions can be taken against America, its allies, and its interests without fear that we might retaliate with the most powerful weapons in our arsenals. 

Eventually -- sooner or later -- we will learn, and pay in blood, the cost of such groveling advance appeasement.

P.S. Since the foregoing was posted, the always clear headed Charles Krauthammer has made the same point more elaborately and in greater detail in the column that can be reached by clicking here.

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