Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Destructive Race Profiteers

Numerous race hustlers, including the New Black Panther Party, the NAACP, and such notable charlatans as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,  are exploiting or seeking to exploit Trayvon Martin's death for their own purposes.  Even in that shameful but shameless company, the aggrandizing efforts of the Obama administration and its attorney general, Eric Holder, stand out as being particularly reprehensible.

The damage this crew is inflicting on their fellow citizens and the nation is summed up quite well in an April 4 City Journal essay by Harry Stein that concludes with the following observation:

Holder and others who cling to today’s rotting hulk of a civil rights establishment are increasingly an anachronism, for all their moral posturing standing as an impediment to genuine racial progress in this country. For them, the possibility of losing white racism as an issue—as a weapon—is intolerable. It would be bad enough if this were purely a cynical tactic to arouse other true believers in the base. But it’s not: they truly believe it, facts—and the possibility of a better life for those suffering in the inner cities—be damned. They have become what they despise, their mantra a tragic twist on George Wallace’s as he stood in the schoolhouse door: “Racism now, racism tomorrow, racism forever!”

The full essay, which is well worth reading, can be reached by clicking here.

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