Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Race Hustlers

[U.S. Attorney General Eric] Holder and other who cling to today's rotting hulk of a civil rights establishment are increasingly an anachronism, for all their moral posturing standing as an impediment to genuine racial process in this country.  For them, the possibility of losing white racism as an issue -- as a weapon -- is intolerable.  It would be bad enough if this were purely a cynical tactic to arouse the other true believer in the base.  But it's not: they truly believe it fact -- and the possibility of a better life for those suffering in the inner cities -- be damned.  They have become what they despise, their mantra, a tragic twist on George Wallace's as he stood in the schoolhouse door: "Racism now, racism tomorrow, racism forever!"
. . . Harry Stein
City Journal Essay
April 4, 2012

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