Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Differing Investment Imperatives

Though hardly a Mitt Romney fan, I have to acknowledge the  stellar record he achieved in the private equity industry. He did that in the course of investing his own funds together with funds that other investors voluntarily contributed to his ventures. Absent anything other than a consistent record of success, those voluntary contributions would not have been forthcoming.

Contrast that with the record achieved in the profligate spending of public funds referred to as "investments" by our Chosen One. That of course is possible because there is nothing voluntary about taxpayers anteing up the funds distributed to the likes of Solyndra and other Obama cronies. Neither success nor persuasion is necessary to come up with the funding.  'Investing' with the government is compulsory. Individuals not ponying up appropriately and their assets can be carted off by armed government goons who can appear at the door of reluctant 'contributors' at any time.

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