Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jounalists' Anti-Gun Bias Beats Logic

Lamestream journalists again are demonstrating how their lockstep anti-gun bias leaves them curiously lacking the curiosity and strangely stripped  of the skepticism that used to be a foundation of the fourth estate.

Over the past month the traditional media outlets have been trumpeting the results of a couple of obscure polls that purported to reveal a record decline in the percentage of American homes in which the residents has firearms.

Never mind that the polls had been conducted by telephone and that gun owners might lie because of a reluctance to share information about their guns to a strange who called them.  And ignore the fact that the same outlets chose not to report better recognized polls that showed exactly opposite results.

But even a dim bulb journalouse might be expected to question what happened to all the guns that previously were kept in the nation's homes.  Did all those durable firearms somehow vaporize or otherwise disappear into the atmosphere?  And how did those media outlets reconcile their triumphant reporting with the fact that firearms sales reached record high levels in 2013 and 2014?

The nation's press lords appear not to care about the credibility that they sacrifice by churning out blatantly illogical reports to push their ideological views.

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