Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Waffling By Our Tower of Jello

Our red-line setting but ignoring POTUS (which used to denote the President of the United States) is at it again.

After more than 18 months of repeated extensions (and numerous concessions to the ayatollahs) in negotiations with Iran to prevent its development of nuclear weapons, no agreement has been reached on even a framework for further negotiations.  Despite prior assurances that there would be no further extensions of the framework talks our POTUS is again extending what he previously represented to be a firm March 31 deadline.

Among the unresolved items, according to The Wall Street Journals, are such details as the pace at which sanctions against Iran would be removed, the scope of Iran's future nuclear work, and the ability of international inspectors to access Iran's nuclear and military sites.

Is it any wonder that there are among us an increasing number of folks who view the POTUS acronym as having come to denote a Piece of Totally Useless S _ _ t?

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