Monday, January 23, 2012

The Republican Contenders

There presently are only two viable ones:

*  Newt Gingrich -- Clearly a big and active brain, but also a guy with a history, and that history -- notwithstanding what he now is saying -- shows that he has been a friend and advocate of big and ever expanding government and government spending. He also is impulsive to the point of recklessness that may not be controllable by even the able staff that he undoubtedly would assemble were he to reach the White House.

*  Mitt Romney -- Another big government guy and the favorite of the GOP establishment that bestowed two Bush administrations and the McCain candidacy on us. He strikes me as an attractive, decent, and even self effacing guy with a good head and administrative, business, and financial gifts though he seems to be ashamed of his achievements in these areas. And finally, he is as cautious and timid as Mr. Gingrich is daring.

Either would be less damaging than the creature we've got now, but I am hoping for a convention that deadlocks and then gives us someone like Paul Ryan.

P.S.  Nobody is perfect but me and thee . . . and sometimes, even ofttimes, I wonder about thee.

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