Sunday, February 26, 2012

Deceitful, Delusional, or Just Plain Dumb ? ? ? ?

The doofus who occasionally -- between campaign and vacation jaunts -- occupies the oval office proclaims that drilling (for oil) is "a bumper sticker, not a policy," and says that doing so wouldn't bring down spiking gasoline prices.

Assuming that he isn't deliberately lying -- a distinct possibility -- this means he believes the high price of a scarce commodity would not come down were the commodity to become plentiful.  The great orator appears incapable of grasping (or admitting) even the most rudimentary economic supply and demand concept.

Instead of increasing our petroleum supplies, he would have us ignore the successive, continuing, and very costly failures of, and rely for our energy neads on the realization of his pond scum, solar, wind power and other fanciful green power delusions. Such miracles undoubtedly can be produced by one who imagines and confidently believes he has the ability to determine and bring about the earth's optimum sea levels and temperatures. 

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