Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lashing Out by Liberal from the Belly of the Beast

For some unfathomable reason, a longtime friend and professional colleague resides in Berkeley. That masochichistic fellow dinosaur recently received a scorching response from a far more typical denizen of that bastion of progressivisim to an e-mail that my friend had distributed about the cost to the taxpayers of Nasty Nancy Pelosi's extravagant revels and travels on Air Force planes.

Citing a liberal blog, the angry Berkeley lib claimed the figures in my friend's e-mail were false, and that his communication had failed to note that a previous Republican speaker of the House of Representatives had run up similar expenses on the taxpayers' tab. Both the responding Berkeleyan and the blog he cited claimed the amounts set forth in the original e-mail included expenditures for (unspecified) other things, but neither contained any supposedly correct figures.

In fact the only specific fact contained either in the cretinish response or the blog it cited was the claim that the expenditures were not very different from those of a previous Republican speaker of the house.

The bottom line on this is that touching the sensitive nerves of at least one liberal in Berkeley brings forth a claim akin to excusing the murder of one's father on the grounds that Oedipus previously slayed his.

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