Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Follies

The third-rate reenactment of the Perils of Pauline follies being staged in Washington, D.C. , by the nation's clownish political parasites is understandable only if viewed in context.

First, the nation already has gone over the fiscal cliff.  The national debt is unimaginable and unrepayable.  We're like the Road Runner in the cartoon who, after running over the edge of the precipice, frantically churns his legs and remains suspended in space for a brief time before plummeting into the abyss. 

What the Congress is trying to do is to jury rig some gimmickry to delay a noticeable foretaste by their voters of the inevitable pain everyone will experience when we hit the bottom of the economic chasm the lawmakers have created. They probably will agree on some slight-of-hand illusion of success and then engage in a great display of congratulating themselves and one another . . . and they and their media sycophants will expect the rest of us to join in applauding their supposed last-minute achievement.

Never mind that the so-called "fiscal cliff" that is portrayed as having snuck up on us was created by the same lawmaker in November 2011 and then ignored in the ensuing 13 months. Also, never mind that they had to rush back to their clown house atop Capitol Hill (at the expense of hundred of thousand of taxpayer dollars) at the last minute to offer up their crisis avoiding baloney . . . after having worked a grand total of 30 days over the five months from July 1 through November 30 --the House majority leader's website, shows that our honorable representatives worked twelve (12) days in July, two (2) days in August, eight (8) days in September, not at all (zero - zip 0) in October, and eight (8) days in November.

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