Saturday, April 27, 2013

Obama Inaction Deserves Tentative Cheer

No vital interest of the U.S. is at stake in Syria's barbaric and bloody civil war. Neither our government nor any American citizen should give a fig for either side in the conflict to prevail.

Nor is there any reason to care about how many or how any of those engaged in or caught up in the conflict are killed . . . except, perhaps, to ponder whether the ideal or best result might not be for them to annihilate one another.

We should butt out of the whole thing.  Just mind our own business.  Leave other countries and their peoples to their own devices.  Let them make and hopefully correct their own mistakes.

We have provided financial and material support to those seeking to topple Syria's ruling regime.  That has been a mistake. It would have been and is a continuing mistake even if we had any reason to believe that those we have been supporting would be any better than the ruling despot they are seeking to replace.  Stupidity and the reckless squandering of taxpayer dollars characterizes America's government these days.

It also was a mistake for President Obama to proclaim that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against its own people would constitute "a red line" that we would not tolerate being crossed.  What the hell business is it of ours?

But give this to President Obama now that the purported red line has been crossed. No one knows or can know what the future will bring. But at least at this point he is practicing restraint and not getting the U.S. involved in something in which it has not the slightest legitimate interest.

Hooray for once . . . so far.

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