Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Argument for Voting

The estimable Lee Roldgers makes this argument for voting (and against the contrary argument set forth in the essay posted below on March 1 under the title Current Political Reflections and Resulting Life Lesson):

Whatever one thinks of the ultimate Republican nominee, two words need to be in the forefront of the mind of the most reluctant voter: Supreme Court.

Four more Obama years will likely lead to at least two appointments to the court, which will irreversibly turn it to the left. Presidents come and go. Justices come and stay.

As he usually does, Mr. Rodgers -- to whose blog a link is provided in the column to the right -- makes a good point. And it extends not just to the Supreme Court but to all of the judicial and other positions the president can fill with his appointees.

Those who believe the country still can be salvaged by restoration of the Constitutional republic would be well advised to follow Mr. Rodgers' advise.

On the other hand, another option exists for those who believe the statists' looting culture has progressed too far to be halted, let alone reversed.  Those with that view can allow (and perhaps even help hasten) the collapse of the whole rotten structure and then endeavor to reconstitute the country that the founder's hoped and sought to create. 

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