Monday, March 5, 2012

In the Entitlement State There Are Entitlements and Entitlements

In a sane world, one's mind would boggle at a left wing feminist activist insisting that she is entitled to a free sexual ride at other peoples' expense.  But no, that's exactly what that shameless  Georgetown University law student is doing. She epitomizes the entitlement state's free loading mindset by demanding that somebody else -- her school, or her health insurance company, or the government (meaning taxpayers) . . . anyone but she herself -- pay for her birth control so that she can enjoy sexual frolics without having to worry about the possibility of becoming pregnant.  How proud her parents must be.

What's next? Perhaps government issued vouchers good for taxpayer paid visits to Playboy Mansions or brothels, or trysts with coed law students or call girls.

Any and all vestiges of doubt about the extent to which the U.S. has degenerated culturally, economically, morally, and politically should be wiped out by the coed's brazen demands, her support by our ruling elites in government, the media, and academia, and the docile acceptance of all this by the general population.

Nonetheless, an even more incideous entitlement state mindset is afoot in the land -- the assumption by those who comprise our corrupt elites that notwithstanding their manifest failures they are entitled to run the country and all of its institutions, and to dictate how the rest of us should live our lives and what we should be allowed to think and say. This mindset was spelled out a few years back in this admirable essay, which should be reread on a regular basis.

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