Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feeling Safer Now ? ? ? ?

We all can sit back and relax now that Big Brother is making us more secure by expanding his reach to keep an eye out for (or on) all of us.  See the report here.

Those who love and trust Big Brother and those who can be conditioned to do so will have no problem with this.  Such training already is, and can be seen in progress at the nation's aiports, where it is being tested on subjects who still must or choose to travel by air.

As for the rest, they should have sufficient time to discuss the matter after they are dispatched to their respective gulags. However, the more extreme* among us will have to hurry to complete such discussions before it comes time for them to go to the shower facilities at the camps that will have been -- and perhaps already are being -- prepared for their arrival.
* You know who they are -- military veterans, religous individuals, and others who insist they are citizens and not subjects and/or persist in talking and writing about things like freedom and the Constitution.  Such people already are being watched and information about them is being collected and kept in those files. 

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