Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Terrible Secret

Yesterday, without warning, local police in New Jersey, escorted by officials from the State's "Department of Children and Families," literally raided the house of  a hapless resident, demanding to see his privately-owned guns, which were  locked in a gunsafe.  In typical bully fashion, they also demanded to  search his entire house and threatened to take his children.

The resident had previously posted a photo of his eleven-year-old son, innocently holding a 22 rimfire rifle, on a Facebook page.  Someone  apparently saw it and decided they needed to call police.

The resident was sharp!  With his lawyer on the other end of his cell-phone, he declined to answer questions and politely asked the officers if  they has a warrant.  They didn't!  The resident then politely insisted  that they leave his house immediately.  They angrily retorted that they  would go get a warrant.  The feisty resident told them not to return  without one!

The resident was never arrested, never charged with anything, never recontacted in any way, his gunsafe was never opened, and, despite cocksure threats, police never returned.

The case, like most such embarrassing incidents, in currently "under investigation."

I'm sure!

Here are important lessons:

We are no longer a "nation of laws."  We are a "nation of  agendas!" Politicians now casually abuse their power by shamelessly using  police to terrorize detractors and others who don't support them  politically.  The "law,"particularly the Constitution, is thus virtually  irrelevant in some jurisdictions!

Modern politicians don't believe there is, nor should there be, any limit on their arbitrary power to impose personal agendas on a hapless population, a  population made of miserable, powerless citizens, who have no rights, and who  need to think of themselves as existing only to serve the "Party Elite."

For those few of us remaining who don't drink that Koolaid, here is some sage advice:

1) Owning guns, in any jurisdiction, now needs to be looked upon as having a terrible, personal secret.  Gunowners are thus well advised not to talk about, nor photograph, guns they may own, particularly on Facebook and other social media.  Knowledge of your guns must be strictly on a "need-to-know" basis.  All family members need to adhere.  Remember this adage:

Security discussed is security compromised!

2) Guns that don't need to be in a high state of readiness need to be continuously locked in gunsafe(s).  Gunsafe(s) need to be hidden, never in plain sight.  Contents of your gunsafe(s) should never be discussed.   Lists need to be kept locked under a password.  Don't show anyone the  contents of your safe, and don't open it in front of anyone unless they have a  valid search warrant, and your lawyer is personally present.

3) When asked by officials about guns you may own or have access to, decline to answer and demand that your lawyer be personally present before any additional questions are asked.

4) When officials come to your home, for any reason, do not invite them in.  When they have a search warrant, they won't ask! Conversation, brief  as it may be, can take place at the door.  When threatened, don't hesitate  to demand to talk with their supervisor and that he personally come to the scene.  When they indicate that you are a suspect in a crime, immediately  stop all conversation and demand that your lawyer be personally present before any further questions are asked.

Don't go anywhere with police unless you're under arrest!  When they ask you to come with them, ask them if you are under arrest.  When they indicate you are not, decline to go.  When in a public place, ask police if  you're "free to go."  When they indicate you are, stop all conversation, disengage and separate immediately.

5) Most people don't need a lawyer on continuous retainer, but do get to know a lawyer in your community whom you can call upon when something like the  foregoing happens to you.

6) Know how to politely, but firmly, invoke your rights.  Never allow yourself to be bullied, deceived, nor intimidated.  Your rights are there to protect you.  Never casually give them up!

I'm not advocating non-cooperation, just "smart" cooperation!  Vicious anti-gun agendas are at present, secretly and openly, being enforced in many jurisdictions.

Politicians currently in power, in New Jersey, Colorado, New York, and many other places, 
arrogantly believe that the only problem with this country is that citizens have too much personal freedom.  Less freedom is thus their constant goal. So, they want to take our personal treasure, take our guns, take our religious rights, and take our personal dignity.  The only kind of citizens they want  are poor, miserable, fearful, mindlessly obedient, and wretched.  Those are  the ones they can control!

Never doubt it!

. . . Contributed by John S. Farnam of 
Defense Training International.  
Mr. Farnam is an eminent instructor
in the defensive use of firearms and a
leading expert in personal safety and

News reports on the incident that prompted the above contribution can be  accessed and viewed by clicking here and/or here.

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What if they take your phone from you, you have no witnesses, and you cannot record what is happening?