Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who Is It That's Hallucinating?

Anyone who believes that the U.S. government might target, attack, and kill any of the nation’s citizens on American soil must, according to ersatz Republican Senator John McCain, be fantasizing or suffering from paranoiac hallucinations.

That was the gist of the semi comatose antique Arizona senator’s response to eloquent questions raised last week by his far more vigorous and alert colleague, Senator Rand Paul.  Senator Paul insisted on being advised whether the current administration was claiming that it was free under the Constitution to do just that.

Perhaps Senator McCain is close enough to the after life to have been advised on the matter by the members of the Weaver family who the rest of us thought had been gunned down by federal agents at the family’s Ruby Ridge, Idaho, home, and/or the 80 men, women, and children who we believed had been gassed and incinerated by an American paramilitary force at their Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas.

If McCain wants to maintain that those atrocities were not the result of official government policy he should tell us who was held responsible for them and how the responsible individuals were punished.

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