Wednesday, November 9, 2011

21st Century Fugitive Slave Act

Uppity individuals deemed by the progressive-liberal-democrat plantation's owners to belong on their plantation risk personal destruction if they dare to:

*  Express views out of line with the plantation's orthodoxy,

*  Seek public office as conservatives, and

*  Connect, or evidence the potential for connecting effectively with a significant number of their fellow citizens.

Such undisciplined fugitive slaves will be set upon and, until ruined or silenced, they will be savaged unrelentingly by the popular press and its journalice functioning as the plantation's enforcers and shills.

Enforcement of this modern counterpart of the Fugitive Slave Acts has reached a new level of efficiency in the stereotypical onslaught being directed at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain -- a plantation defying black man being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a bevy of white women. What could be more damning or racist?

The attacks are overwhelming and well orchestrated, having been rehearsed in a limited and less sophisticated way when another conservative black man, Clarence Thomas, was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court seat that he now occupies and more recently when Sarah Palin -- who, as woman, belonged in the plantation's kitchen -- had the effrontery to seek national office.

The startling aspect of the current spectacle is the contrast between (i) the alacrity with which the media is pursuing the sexually based accusations against Mr. Cain, and (ii)  how the same journalice endeavored to avoid reporting anything about the White House peccadilloes of Blow Job Bill Clinton or the credible accusations by a reputable businesswoman that he had raped her in Arkansas.  

The fourth estate and its denizens no longer have either scruples or any capacity for shame.

As for the accusations against Mr. Cain, their context and dubious nature are spelled out in this report as well as this one.

P.S.  Similar repugnant efforts now are being directed at Marco Rubio, who is viewed by all of the Republican presidential candidates as a running mate.  His being on the ticket would pose a threat to the leftists cabal by pealing away a significant number of Hispanic votes to which Democrats of course are entitled. Any such threat escaping from the plantation has to be targeted for demolition.

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