Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miserable Options

With the possible exception of Herman Cain, each of the pathetic politicians seeking to be elected to the presidency next year has demonstrated, in his or her own way, unworthiness and unfitness for the office.

None of the pitiful crowd is as reprehensible as the clod who currently occupies the White House -- when, that is, he is not sumptuously globe trotting, vacationing, or out on some swank golf course. However, we again are reduced to trying to choose the least objectionable of the various candidates -- the one likely to inflict the least damage on us and the country.

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Lila said...

Rick Santorum fills the bill, but alas, he lacks the charisma and pandering that many Americans use as a guideline for ability and qualification. As for obama's escapes from reality, the upside is that when he is gone, he is less excruciating to the taxpayer. Besides, he should be shared with the rest of the world, allowing them to see how fortunate they are.