Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fabulous Entertainment from Days Gone By

James Cagney and Bob Hope at a Friar's Club Meeting back when actors were real performers.
 At the time of this performance, Hope was 52 and Cagney was 56. For the young folks, here is something you probably have never seen before and, unfortunately, you may never see again.  For the older folks, this is the best of the best, and we had it for many years! 
 This is a side of these two entertainers you rarely ever saw but it shows their enormous talent. 
 Bob Hope, one of the best of the comedians, and Jimmy Cagney, mostly cast as the bad guy/gangster in movies.

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The days of lots and lots of good comedians and other entertainers who had class and whom we could watch with our parents is gone. After all, our country can't murder over 50,000,000 babies and think a future entertainer or two wasn't injected with a saline solution.