Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cynical President Fumbles and Punts Economic Football

     President Obama’s announcement that he will delay a decision on approval of the Keystone Pipeline until after the 2012 election typifies his feckless presidency. Torn between the need to create jobs, reduce the cost of energy and get our economy going on one hand, and the emotional biases of his environmentalist base on the other, Obama punted. I assume that if and when the time comes–post-election–Obama will do what he has wanted to do all along, and kill the pipeline.
     We have written about Keystone a number of times. In this post, we quoted a study that concluded the pipeline would moderate the price of oil and create between 250,000 and 553,000 permanent American jobs.
     If China does indeed replace the United States as the world’s pre-eminent economic power, the foolishness of American voters in electing Barack Obama president will be a major contributing factor.

. . . John Hinderaker in Powerline

 Comment:  Isn't the mantra that we can't wait for congress to act on jobs being chanted repeatedly by this very same hypocritical narcissist who, for his personal political purposes, now is kicking the economic/jobs can down the field?

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