Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Wonder Our Slimey Overlords Hate Sarah Palin: They Recognize Her As a Real Threat to Their Pillaging Privileges

With millionaires making up almost half of the congress, it's not surprising that the legislators do little or nothing for, or even understand ordinary Americans.

And how, one might ask, did so many dim bulb politicians get so rich while supposedly serving the public? 

They did, and are continuing to do so by engaging in practices that would land their constituents in a penitentiary. Although they're mostly lackwits, the scumbags have contrived ways to take care of themselves and one another. Their extraordinarily profitable shady practices are protected by exemptions they have enacted for themselves from laws they've imposed on the rest of us.

Of course the brazen pols and their lackeys  take every opportunity to besmirch, demean, demonize, and seek to destroy Sarah Palin, an ordinary citizen who has had, and rejected opportunities to join the oligarchy -- the layer of scum at the top of the nation's political rain barrel. Furthermore and even worse, with reports such as this one, Ms. Palin is providing a look behind, if not  destroying, the curtain behind which the nation's shameless ruling class corruptly wheels and deals to serve itself. Such exposure threatens the pols' ability to continue to conduct business as usual -- in accordance with what has come to be a gangster like modus operandi.  

Ms. Palin is particularly terrifying to, and loathed by the overlords because of her demonstrated ability to connect with huge numbers of American citizens.  She is clearly explaining how what used to be the peoples' government has been transformed into a cosa nostra kind of an institution. It sucks the life blood from everything it touches for the exclusive benefit of the godfathers who control it and their minions.  Expounding that reality has the potential for rousing the common rabble to undertake corrective actions.

Given the depth and pervasiveness of the corruption of our institutions, effective corrective actions might well necessitate going beyond the ballot box. Even tar and feathers might not suffice. An increasing number of awakening citizen are stating that their ire is past that point and that they now are very close to gallows and guillotine angry.

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