Friday, August 17, 2012

Citizens Can Exercise Sovereignty If They Are Up To Doing So

An eminent law professor in a recent essay points out that the American people, and not Supreme Court judges, are the ultimate arbiters of the Constitution.

Egregiously erroneous Supreme Court decisions on big issues have been effectively reversed by the nation's citizens in the past, as pointed out in the essay which can be accessed by clicking here.

The essay is a call for the people to exercise their power to do so again in the upcoming election by dumping Obama care and thus reverseing the shameful Supreme Court decision upholding the odious legislation.

As the prof point out, the Constitution was written as the peoples' charter: We own it.  The question is whether we are up to the task of reclaiming our sovereign ownership rights from the political elitists constantly surreptitiously striving to take those rights from us bit by bit -- in little and almost unnoticed pieces at a time -- to the point that they transform themselves into rulers and the rest of us into subjects rather than citizens.

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