Monday, August 6, 2012

Nonsense and Evil Both Require Resistance

The following is contributed by John S. Farnam, an internationally renowned expert on individual safety and security and personal defense tactics, and a leading defensive shooting instructor:

I recently viewed a TV news program, emanating from the Chicago area, purporting to provide home owners with sound advice with regard to home-invasions by violent criminals.

The "expert" they consulted mouthed perfectly the party-line.  The "principles" promoted by nanny-state liberals never change:

1.  You're too stupid to own a gun.  Daring, initiative, and courage and have no place in your pathetic life.  You're just a helpless pawn, unable to do anything for yourself.  Get used to it!

2.  Violent criminals are absolutely invincible.  They cannot be vanquished.  Resistance, in any form, therefore is  futile.  "Fighting back is the worst thing you can do."

3.  Your only viable option is to hide in a blind place, like a closet, where you can observe nothing, call 911, and wait helplessly for police to arrive.

4.  When you are discovered, give the criminals whatever they want.  When they "want to murder you, I guess you're supposed to resist the temptation to do anything in your own defense.  That, of course, would be "vigilantism" and "taking the law into your own hands."  Unthinkable!

In short, only criminals and police are authorized to use force in any form.  When you don't fall into either category, you have no legitimate option but to submit hopelessly to criminal violence.

It makes me sick to think the descendants of pioneers, frontier fighters, and cowboys would ever take such ridiculous "advice" seriously!

Fighting, courageously, resisting evil with righteous force, is what our nation is all about!

Programs promoting the foregoing contrary advice should be laughed off the air!

Mr. Farnam and his equally eminent wife, Vicki, own and operate Defense Training International. Their website, which contains links to their many writings and descriptions of their training programs as well as to references to some of the numerous awards with which their work has been recognized, can be reached by clicking here.
Disclosure and Personal Note:

Your not-at-all=humble blogger is particularly proud to have passed the test to qualify,  and to occasionally be able to participate as an (unpaid) instructor with Mr. and Mrs. Farnam in some of the classes that they give.

Our country is blessed with many capable firearms instructors.  What distinguishes the Farnams and makes them unique in the ranks of such trainers is their ability to imbue their students with the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings, as well as the manual skills of the self defense arts.  Consequently, those who successfully complete one of DTI's training programs are inculcated not only with greatly enhanced physical skills enabling them to survive and prevail in any potentially deadly encounter but also with the almost Zen-like warrior's ethics and mindset required to do so effectively and responsibly. In addition, they acquire constant situational awareness, prepared always ready to recognize, anticipate, and, to the extent possible, avoid situations requiring resort to the use of force.  

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