Friday, August 10, 2012

The Police: Then and Now

It's hard to believe the contrast between how law enforcement officers behaved and were viewed in the long ago days of my youth and the situation that prevails today.

Back then parents routinely advised their offspring that if they saw anything bad taking place to report the occurrence to, and seek the help of a police officer.

Yesteryear's friendly  blue-coated neighborly police officer has been transformed into a remote, threatening, and militarized figure --  a heavily-armed, armor-wearing enforcer, hidden and impersonalized behind black coveralls, and visored and face- shielded helmet. Any bad actions, and especially the worst ones that kids are likely to witness today are more often than not things being done by the cops.

Anyone who has any illusions about the foregoing should take a look at this account of another law enforcement  raid on the wrong house -- a not at all uncommon occurrence.  In the course of the raid the cops handcuffed the home's occupants, including the children, who for an extended period were kept in handcuffs and forced to lie face down by the torn and bloody body of the family dog that the raiders had shot and killed.

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