Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Mass Shootings Have In Common

Opportunistic politicians who want to deprive citizens of their right to keep and bear arms and the general public draw diametrically different conclusions from every occasion on which some criminal or lunatic murders numerous innocent individuals.

The former ignore what such tragic incidents have in common and try to use them to engender fearful support to further their gun grabbing efforts. However, as is evidenced by the spike in firearms sales that follows every such travesty, ordinary citizens view them realistically and respond appropriately.

The key fact is that the recent Colorado theater slaughter, like virtually every similar massacre that preceded it, occurred in a "gun free zone," a venue in which private citizens are prohibited from carrying firearms.  Such locations should be required to post warnings to those going there that they are entering a free fire zone -- one in which anyone intent on mayhem can carry out his murderous plans with little fear of being stopped by a law abiding armed citizen.

Respect for private property requires respect for the right of owners to set the rules for those entering their premises. However, we should require proprietors of criminal empowerment sites to warn unsuspecting members of the public of the risks to which they expose themselves by entering the potential killing fields.

The contrast between the gun-free killing venues and locations replete with firearms is startling.  Note the contrast between campuses, shopping malls, and theaters on the one hand and places in which no mass murders ever have occurred -- shooting ranges, firearms shops, and gun clubs to mention just a few. The latter safe areas also include that town in Georgia that has enjoyed an unusually low crime rate since it mandated gun possession a few years ago and the entire peaceful and law abiding country of Switzerland, where arms are required to be, and are in almost every home.

The public is aware of, and draws appropriate conclusions from the foregoing. It's sad that the lesson is beyond the learning capability of much of our ruling elites and their servile media journalice.

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