Saturday, August 11, 2012

Clues Keep Dropping

Reports emerging in ever increasing numbers indicate our ruling elite and the nation's increasingly politicized military leadership are prepared to use the armed forces, and are training troops for use against any Americans who seek to restore government to the size and scope specified by the Constitution. 

This report appears credible as does this one.

One noteworthy and incontrovertible fact in the first of the two linked reports is that efforts are in progress to water down the  nation's longstanding prohibition against the use of its military against its own citizens . . . something that historically has been done only by despotic regimes like the one in Syria.  

Has our government really degenerated to the point that it needs to be free to act in the same way?  Is our military ready to obey orders to act against America's civilian population? Perhaps the intolerance of the founders for a  large standing army was as well founded  as their other ideas.

Officialdom's efforts to make light of, and to shrug off the latter report, which is based on a work of fiction, only add to its credibility.

It is well to keep in mind the old adage that even paranoids have real enemies.

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