Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not That Long Ago

Obama's mouthpiece puppet Jay Carney yesterday sloughed off a media question about the Benghazi terrorist murders of  Americans with a dismissive statement that the carnage occurred "a long time ago."

Well, Mr. Carney, the American ambassador and the former special forces heroes who endeavored to rescue him are still dead . . . so shame on you.

Furthermore, the questions about the craven conduct of this country's leaders in abandoning the victims of the onslaught to die never have been answered.  Those responsible for ignoring the prolonged attack and the shameful failure to mount any rescue effort while it was in progress never have been identified or held accountable. 

So the questions are very much alive and demand answers despite the evasive efforts of the glib empty suits, poseurs, and shills like Mr. Carney who currently populate our government,

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