Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama’s Absurd and Fraudulent Defenses Contain a Self Defeating Element of Truth

Listening to and watching Obama as he endeavors to distance himself from the scandals that are engulfing his administration is a hoot -- like stepping through  the looking glass. For example:

*  Benghazi? 

Some other guy was in charge of the State Department, the   intelligence agencies, and the military that failed to protect, or to attempt to rescue our people who were killed there.

*   IRS being used as political thugs targeting groups and individuals expressing disagreement with or opposition to the administration’s policies?

Some other guy is responsible for that arm of the executive branch even though its head is appointed by me and serves at my pleasure.

*  FBI/Justice Department surreptitiously seizing press agency phone records?

Have to admit enjoying the journalice -- who cheer every statist intrusion that diminishes the liberties and rights of everyone else -- squealing like stuck pigs when the government invades their turf.  But, again, some other guy is in charge of those components of the government’s  executive branch doing that.

If the great orator is saying that he can’t control and be held responsible for the activities of his executive branch agencies, it behooves us to replace the ludicrous barack "Some Other Guy" obama with some real and more credible other guy who can and will accept the responsibility and do the job.

On the other hand, there may be a larger truth here as the federal government actually may have become so big and complex, and engaged in doing (or trying to do) so many things with so many employees that no president can control or be held responsible for it.  Think about that – it means that the government, all of its agencies, and all of their millions of employees are out of control, beyond accountability, doing as they please and running rough shod over the rest of us.  The only effective answer to that is to slash the size and scope of the federal government drastically . . . to reduce it . . . restore and restrict it and its activities to the size scope provided for by the Constitution.

Don’t try to hold your breath waiting for that to happen. As long as we have the current American version of the Roman Empire’s bread and circuses – gourmet grub with sports and entertainment for the well off and fast food and video games for the proles – the nation’s complacent citizenry will allow their ruling elites to continue doing business as usual . . . until, that is, the whole corrupt and rotting mess comes crashing down of its own weight . . . and we’re well on the way to having that occur.

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