Saturday, July 27, 2013

Detroit Could But Will Not Be Rescued

The once great motor city could be brought back from the financial abyss and be resuscitated as a prosperous and thriving metropolis . . . but calculating politicians are not going to let that happen

FIRST, THE RESCUE,  which would not necessitate the expenditure of any taxpayer money from the public treasury -- all it would take would be the enactment of legislation to:

1.  Irrevocably for a minimum of 20 to 25 years exempt all income, capital gains, and estates in the city and its environs from any federal, state, or local taxes;

2.  Cap property taxes in the same area at a level that would produce sufficient revenues to meet the expenses of providing truly essential governmental services and no more;

3.  Abolish public employee unions, and substitute right-to work for closed shop provisions in union contracts with private employers;

4.  Exempt from sales and use taxes nationwide all goods produced in, or distributed from the Detroit metropolitan area; 

5.  Abolish all welfare payments in the area; and

6.  Issue to parents living together (or single by reason of the death or divorce of a spouse) education vouchers sufficient to fully pay the costs of educating their children at whatever private or public schools they choose.

WHY IT WON'T HAPPEN:  The political powers-that-be know the resulting boom would be so spectacular and obvious that it would lead to irresistible demands for enactment of the same beneficial measures permanently nationwide . . . or, in other words, restoration of the free economy that the founders envisioned . . .  freeing Americans to develop history's mightiest economic machine until the politicians started tinkering with it in the 20th century.
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