Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fed Up With Screechings About Race

Every time some black thug takes on the wrong guy and ends up getting what he deserves, we're supposed to feel guilty if the targeted victim isn't lynched for doing what is necessary to defend himself.

Well, I don't feel guilty.  In fact I'm gratified by, and proud of the Florida jury for its having followed the law in the baseless case that was pressed against George Zimmerman for his having defended himself by fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.  No charges ever would have been brought against Mr. Zimmerman but for the strident insistence of America's professional race hustlers, their political lackeys, and the mobs they were able to stir up. 

Mr. Zimmerman's acquittal of all charges was appropriate in a system of justice based on existing laws rather than the emotions of would-be lynch mobs motivated by perceived racial grievances. Nobody can credibly claim to know with any degree of certainty what transpired in the confrontation between the two involved individuals.  Mr. Zimmerman's account of what occurred certainly was both plausible and supported by the physical evidence.  Accordingly, there was and is more than a reasonable doubt of any culpability.

Individual black citizens today generally enjoy at least -- and often more than -- equal treatment by the nation's political and public institutions as well as in their dealing with private individuals and organizations.

Blacks as a group, however, are not, and do not deserve to be viewed and treated as equal.  So lets have an honest discussion about when and how they can earn collective equality.  That will come if and when -- and only if and when they:

*  Replace with responsible individuals the race baiting hustlers who currently make up the congressional black caucus, the charlatans who still head their constantly clamoring (and falsely named) civil rights organization, and eternally opportunistic faux leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,

*  Bring the rates at which their young people commit violent and other crimes, and are responsible for illegitimate births down to levela similar to those of the general society, and

*  Stop blaming others for their increasingly recognized shortcomings as a group, and begin contributing to the common good rather than perpetually claiming entitlement to ever more unearned support from the nation's productive citizens.

So, yes . . . let's have an honest discussion about race without trying to shut up those expressing  politically disfavored views by calling them racists. 

The above undoubtedly will lead to this fed-up blogger being called a racist.  Such calls typically will come from people who have benefitted from, but contributed nothing to the 1950s and 1960s civil rights movement . . . in contrast to my having worked in that movement from the mid 1950s before doing so became popular and politically beneficial and correct (and my doing so in the south occasionally involved being targeted for gunfire and fire bombs) through the mid 1960s when the movement morphed into demands for more than equality.

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