Monday, July 22, 2013

Finally, a Real Presidential Accomplishment

At long last, after four years of treating speech making as the primary, if not only, duty of the presidency, Mr. Obama actually has accomplished something.

He has restored the respectability of racism . . . he has made it socially acceptable again.

And that truly is a noteworthy and singular achievement notwithstanding that to accomplish it he teamed up with the dishonorable Eric Holder, who as his attorney general heads the Department of Just Us, as well as the scurrilous racial profiteering reverends -- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

By endlessly promoting baseless legal actions against George Zimmerman for having lawfully defending himself, that racist crew would criminalize any individual for doing what is necessary and appropriate to defend themselves from any violent attack by any black person or persons.

To understand that this is so, one need only recall the admonition of the late liberal Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts.  And the cold, hard, objective, and largely unreported facts of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, are set forth in this video.

The campaign against state stand-your-ground laws is part and parcel of the effort to protect violent would-be and actual assailants notwithstanding that blacks under assaults have been the primary beneficiaries of those laws.

The effort to shield black criminals from any consequences for their behavior began early in the Obama administration when the Holder Just Us Department dropped the case that already had been won against members of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.  The beneficiaries of that action went unpunished for having wielded truncheons to threaten and intimidate white voters at polling places in the city of brotherly love.

Since then, the effort has been relentless.  Not once in the ensuing four years have Messrs. Obama and Holder and their minions brought or even investigated a single hate crime case against any blacks.  They talk about an honest and open dialogue about race but that in fact is the last thing they want.  Anyone expressing an opinion contrary to theirs is immediately branded a racist to shut them up.

In his recent speech about race, Mr. Obama tried to explain and encourage white citizens to understand the mindset of the black population.  The nation and its black citizens would be better served were Mr. Obama and his fellow black leaders explain to their followers that the rest of the country does not understand and never will accept rioting and looting, the burning and destruction of property of blameless individuals and entities, violent criminal behavior, or a multi-generation welfare and illegitimate birthrate/single parent culture in which gang memberships substitute for being part of a family.

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