Monday, July 8, 2013

Spending Problem? What Spending Problem?

Here are a few items that were tucked away in the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill enacted by congress:

*  $4 million for the Kennedy Space Center.

*  $8 million to buy cars and equipment for the Homeland Security and Justice departments.

*  $20 million for a nationwide "Water Resources Priorities Study."

*  $41 million for eight military bases including Guantanamo Bay.

*  $56.8 million for charting the debris from last year's Japanese tsunami.

*  $58.8 million for forest restoration on private land.

*  $100 million for the federal Head Start day care program.

*  $150 million in funding for Alaskan fisheries.

*  $188 million for new Amtrak lines (not repair, whole new lines).

*  $197 million "to. protect coastal ecosystems and habitat impacted by Hurricane Sandy."

*  $5.3 billion to the Army Corps of Engineers (that's more than their annual budget).

*  $10.78 billion for public transportation, most of which is allocated to future construction and improvements, not disaster relief.

*  $13 billion would go to "mitigation" projects to prepare for future storms.

*  $17 billion for wasteful Community Development Block Grants, a program notorious for its backdoor earmarks.

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