Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Close Call at the Movies

The above is the headline under which The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web column today published the following item and comment: 
An employee at a Cookeville, Tenn., movie theater called police the other night "after seeing a man with a holstered pistol walk into the theater," WSMV-TV reports. The movie was briefly stopped after officers responded to the scene. The cops asked if anyone was carrying a gun, and three men stood up. "The officers explained the [theater] policy prohibiting weapons and asked the men to return their guns to their vehicles, which police said they did." All three men had proper permits for their firearms.
Thank goodness there was no violence in the theater that night, with the crowd left defenseless like that.

K.R.'s Response: Not to worry -- in Tennessee the audience probably included a half dozen or so armed citizens who didn't respond to the officers' inquiry . . . and those sheep dogs may or may not have bothered to get officialdom's permission to enable themselves to defend the lives and well being of those important to them. 

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