Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miasmatic (and Misleading) Media

Over the past weekend, CBS news repeatedly reported that its journalice had been unable to find a single instance in which stimulus money doled out by the Obama administration had gone overseas.

There are three possible explanations for those reports:

First, the journalice may have confined their inquiries to the specific dollars that went into the coffers of the recipient corporations in the U.S. and ignored the fungible dollars that they replaced there that actually were used to expand businesses and employment outside the U.S.  This enabled the journalice to ignore the offshore expansions of outfits like General Motors, which since being rescued from the brink of bankruptcy by funds from U.S. taxpayer dollars has reconstituted itself as a Chinese enterprise in everything but name, and General Electric, the bailout recipient headed by the guy who also heads Obama's job council but has been moving to China operations it previously ran in the U.S.

Second, it may on the other hand be that companies like General Motors and General Electric are too insignificant to warrant notice and attention.

Third, and most likely, the report is explicable by the fact that America's traditional media have degenerated into pretentious kept whorish enterprises, as is spelled out both in this report and The New York Times article it cites.

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