Thursday, July 19, 2012

Different Kinds of 911 Numbers

Your not-so-humble blogger had occasion this morning to again recall the violent death last February of a Berkeley, California, neighbor -- the one who was beaten to death in his own front yard by a prowler wielding  a ceramic flower pot. That occurred 13 minutes after the city's finest decided not to respond to the call for help that the victim had made to the police department's emergency number.*

The incident highlights the difference between the two different kinds of 911 numbers:

*  The first utilizes a telephone and can be characterized as dial-a-prayer.

*  The other utilizes a different kind of instrument -- one designated by 911 with an additional numeral one in front of the others.

Those who understand this also know that the second kind of instrument is far more reliable and effective than the first but is to be resorted to only in extremis. Those who don't get it can request and receive edification by e-mail -- to and from the address set forth high in the column at the right -- or remain satisfied as helpless potential victims, blissfully unaware of the accuracy of the adage that, at best, when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

*  Additional details and information on the horrendous incident can be accessed by clicking here.

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