Friday, July 27, 2012

The Fed and Its Demorat Defenders

It is more than a little ironic that the Demorats in the Senate and the White House will prevent enactment into law of the House passed bill to audit the Federal Reserve, the nation's central bank that is not accountable to anyone for anything.

The Demorats like to pose as the party of Jefferson and Jackson, the founding leaders of the Democratic Party, from which today's Demorats degenerately descended. Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson loathed the big banks of their time and fought against the centralization of economic power. And the fearsome and fearlessly combative Jackson won the greatest of his many battles when he succeeded in terminating the Second Bank of the United States, the forerunner of the Fed as the nation's central bank of his time.

As for proposal to audit the Fed, one astute observer has stated:

. . . the reality of auditing the Fed is akin to auditing a mafia counterfeiting operation. We know they are doing it and the great majority of people approve of them doing it.

Auditing the Fed, while maybe a small step for mankind, does nothing to really end the crime of central banking.  All auditing does is ask the man who robbed your house what he did with the proceeds and then letting him go on about his business.

Until people realize that nothing will change for the better.  Unfortunately, very few in the world have any critical thinking abilities, again thanks to the government indoctrination centers and fascist media propaganda.  Therefore, central banking, like Soviet style central planning, will only end once they destroy themselves because all artificial, criminal systems are unsustainable.

(The above quoted material is from 
Jeff Berwick's online Dollar Vigilante 
column of July 26, 2012.)  

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